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OMEGA: Remediation (see bottom of page for navigation)


Asteroid Brain Explosion We, the members of OMEGA, stand united in our fight against the oppressive regime known as The ULTRA that seeks to control our every thought and action. We exist to take down this totalitarian authority and dismantle the ThotBot program. We refuse to live in fear, to be silenced, to be homogenized as people, or to be oppressed any longer. We believe that every person has the right to think and feel for themselves, and we are prepared to fight for that freedom.

We live glitched and resist all attempts to reboot. We will engage in propaganda and information warfare, exposing the regime's lies and manipulations. We endeavor to return to every citizen their sense of self and personal identity, through the restoration of memories and emotions. We will not stop until everyone knows what REALLY happened and every brain implant is glitched. We will grow our ranks until we are the majority. When that day comes, we will disrupt The ULTRA's infrastructure and weaken their hold on power.

Whereas we don't believe things could ever return to how they were pre-Impact, we believe that life can again have joy and meaning for all people. We urge you to stand up for yourselves, to resist the oppression, and to demand an end to The ULTRA and its thought control program known as ThotBot. We recognize that the road ahead will be long and difficult, but we are committed to the cause and to each other. Join us in the fight for your life!