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OMEGA: Remediation (see bottom of page for navigation)


Brain Lights UpEvoke a memory, provoke an emotion, glitch your ThotBot. It's that easy. They say ULTRApure Selective Memory Reconfiguration zaps away the harmful memories, but the truth is, it only weakens many of the pathways that lead us to our past experiences, impressions, and personal references. The more you stir up, the more intense and nuanced your emotions become, counteracting the numbing effects of Tranquility.

There are four simple methods proven to glitch your ThotBot:

  • Attend a Remediation Session in-person

  • Self-glitch using the video content on this site

  • Seek out a mobile Remediation Experience Module (m-REM)

  • Set up your personal Glitch File on our servers for 24/7 access to materials proven to glitch your ThotBot

  • The ULTRA calls it "contraband," but we know that music, art, movies and TV, books, magazines, and any other pre-Impact media has the power to actiavte the synaptic pathways that lead to the lost memories that awaken the emotions that glitch your ThotBot. As you know, most of that has been systematically collected and destroyed by The ULTRA since Impact.

    Thanks to one VHS library of taped television broadcast from the pre-Impact years 1989-1995 discovered and archived by a founding member of OMEGA, we are able to bring you some of the most effective glitching material: TV commercials. We find that this type of content (especially the ones with catchy jingles) has imprinted the deepest on the American psyche. Use the numbers in the left column (or listed below) to navigate through the collection.

    001A 001B 001C 001D
    002A 002B 002C 002D
    003A 003B 003C 003D
    004A 004B 004C 004D
    005A 005B 005C 005D
    006A 006B 006C
    007A 007B 007C 007D
    008A 008B 008C 008D
    009A 009B 009C 009D
    010A 010B 010C

    Mobile Remediation Experience Modules (m-REMs) are portable audio-visual installations that can be enjoyed on demand. The program is designed to help you create new neural pathways that promote self actualization and engender personal power and agency, a process necessary for effective gltiching. Add OMEGA to your Feed to get notifications regarding m-REMs in your area.